Scale your expertise without burning billable hours.

Time is literally money in your industry, and authority is critical. Done-for-you content capitalizing on the credibility of your attorneys helps reduce free consults, improves current client engagement, and positions you as a next-gen firm.


The digital competition for law firms has never been higher.


of prospective clients are searching for attorneys online, and on their own


of users would use LinkedIn to find a lawyer if they needed one next week


of Gen-Z and millennials value a firm's digital presence when selecting a firm


Turn your expertise into thought leadership, in 90% less time.

(With one program to manage it all.)

Two 45-minute interviews.

Each month, we'll orchestrate two online discussions with your experts that require zero preparation on your end. The result? A month of professional quality content. The magic of our program lies in how we train our interviewers.

20+ pieces of original content.

From those interviews, we build audiograms, videos, short-form posts, and long-form thought pieces to grow your authority across channels. The most effective forms of content for your industry - with a minimal time investment from you.

A 3-person team to run it all.

Bypass the time, cost, and management burden required to build a content team in-house. Leverage our tech stack, bench of writers and designers, editorial review team, and your presence will rival your largest competitors – without the overhead.


Investing in your firm's image pays for itself multifold.


Reduce free consultations

We turn 1-to-1 conversations into 1-to-many video content. This allows your firm's expertise to reach a wider audience without overtaxing your lawyers' uncompensated time.


Maximize billable utilization

The average law firm spends about 25 non-billable attorney hours per month on writing content or preparing webinars. Our interview-based approach significantly cuts down on wasted billable hours, saving anywhere from $150k to $250k in lost utilization.


Cross-sell practice areas

We highlight the full breadth of your firm's expertise by covering a wide range of topics across your practice areas. This deepens relationships with existing clients and builds your total addressable market of potential clients.


Become a Next Generation Firm

Law firms notoriously lag in digital presence. Our digital-forward approach gives you the advantage of standing apart from outdated firms, attracting  digitally-adept clients, while appealing to the next generation of attorneys.


Enhance Credibility and Trust

Thought leadership content presents your law firm as an authority in the field, enhancing credibility among existing and potential clients, and building a foundation of trust that's crucial in the legal profession.


Improve Client Engagement

Our comprehensive, tailored content strategy arms you with content to consistently engage your clients with relevant and valuable information, improving client satisfaction and driving retention.

Building a content engine just got easier.

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