Every great partnership starts with a conversation.

Here's what to expect after scheduling yours:
  1. Discovery Call – On this 30-minute call, we'll get to know one another, learn more about your business and customers, and determine if Brand 360°'s approach and model is worth exploring further together.
  2. Solution Presentation – If we decide to proceed, we'll schedule a 60-minute call with you and anyone else on your team who might be involved in a partnership like this. During the call, we'll discuss our methodology and deliverables at length, share some preliminary content ideas, and we'll answer in-depth questions from your team.
  3. Proposal Walkthrough – Finally, we'll send you a proposal for the level of engagement that we collaboratively determine makes sense, and we'll schedule a meeting to walk through it together. It's critical to us that you feel well-informed and confident before making the exciting decision of implementing a program like Brand 360°.